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Affiliate Disclosure Policy

Thank you for joining me here on makingfoodsimple.com. My goal is to always provide value and transparency to my visitors through the information I share. Because I believe so strongly in this promise, I have adopted it as one of my core values.

“I promise to always be transparent in my communication”

I participate in affiliate programs.

This means I receive a commission when purchases are made through the links on my blog. There is NO COST to anyone using these links to make a purchase. Affiliate links are how I earn compensation for the information, recipes, and ideas I share. This allows me the ability to continue providing content for you! I appreciate and thank you for supporting me.

Most of the supplies used on the blog are purchased by me. On occasion, a company will send me free products to try. I am under no obligation to share or review any product, including those I receive for free. If I use any free products I receive, I will always disclose this in the post.

I do not:
  • Write paid reviews.
  • Write sponsored posts.
  • Receive products for payment to write a sponsored post or review.
I do:
  • Disclose every time I receive a product for free.
  • Disclose when products I have not tried or use, are listed as potential options for further research and purchase.
Affiliate programs I participate in and/or vendors I work with:


Effective Date: January 1, 2021.